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    Chairman, we saw with our own eyes that he sent rice to Jiangzhen in broad daylight, and traded several hundred shi. We tracked down the rice buyer, and the consignees were all on bullock carts, and we finally found traces of the underground party guerrillas, but because there were many guard posts around, we did not dare to get close because fear of scaring the snake.” The agent said. Knowing that the delivery is in Jiangzhen, where the guerrillas are infested, you dare to sell rice to the other party. Moyad is asking for money! You continue to monitor, and I will immediately contact the 13th Army Command. No wonder we are searching. There is no trace of the guerrillas, so it turns out that they left the Qingxiang area and ran to Jiangzhen. " Gangcun Shisan said.

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