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    Tiet Man bowed and said: "Reporting, I don't think I was born too late. As long as the war continues, I will have the opportunity to contribute and become a great general!"

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    The Chinese soldiers who occupied the anti-aircraft artillery position probably wanted to save some ammunition, so they placed two 25mm anti-aircraft guns horizontally and aimed at the Japanese troops storming in from outside the airport led by armored vehicles. head. The fierce bullets crisscrossed each other, covering a large area. Those thinly armored vehicles were shot down one after another. One was knocked down as soon as it rushed out. The bullets rained like rain into the middle of the Japanese army. Some people were even more fierce, they flattened the 88mm 75mm anti-aircraft gun. According to the bang bang bang bang sound of the Japanese army, the broken limbs, helmets and guns of the Japanese army flew up amidst the fierce explosion. uttered a roar in a Northeast accent: "Bozhu, go away!"

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    No matter how powerful they are, there are only a few 127mm naval guns. Even if the gunner uses all his strength to reload, the rate of fire will not be much faster. The barrage of fire from the three submarine hunters did not cause significant damage to the four coast guard ships, but it completely angered the sailors. Four coast guard ships simultaneously rushed at a high speed of 30 knots, rushing towards the three submarine chasers Sakura and Pear in the middle, which opened all fire, not only with 127mm naval guns but also There are a number of 25mm anti-aircraft guns. Adjusted to a flat shot aimed at the submarine hunter and gliding past, the streams of bullets that flashed out, crisscrossing each other, like Thor's thunderous whip, were breathtaking. As for the three submarines, they really didn't know how to write, they were running at full speed, their 57mm naval guns were firing randomly. Pear in the center was their main target, shells rained down on the ship's hull and they were scarred in the blink of an eye. However, these three submarine hunters were not able to take advantage of their advantage. The quality of the gunners of this group of Japanese soldiers was a bit poor. The 127mm naval gun fired several rounds but failed to hit the target, but the 25mm anti-aircraft gun hit them all. One bullet after another, the submarine hunter on the left wing was hit by more than ten bullets, sending smoke billowing out. The most serious thing is that Liu and Sang have left the formation, rushing to the left and right, and the situation has become worse! The grim situation made Zhang Donghai realize that killing four coastal defense ships with just three submarine hunters was impractical, he ordered: "Retreat!" !

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    Shizuo Yokoyama tried his best to maintain a good mood: "Masters, cheer up! Last night's probe attack was not ineffective, at least we know the enemy's true situation, and we can implement the target..."

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    Tang Yi quietly rolled his eyes. Why are these bastards from the army harder to deal with than the thorns from the Maozi Aviation School? With such a group of bastards, he will lose at least thirty years of his life!

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    Gangcun Ningci's voice was hoarse and bitter: "Order the ministries, try to destroy the enemy immediately and retreat quickly!"

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    The deputy company commander said: "This is not a small matter, we immediately report to the regiment headquarters!"

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    ———Since the 1980s, the trend of boasting about marine civilization has become more and more popular. In the end, it almost deified marine civilization, blasting countries that got rich from the ocean into gods. However, those nations that rely on the ocean for their wealth will not agree with our propaganda statement about the Temple of the King of Hades, if you look at their history, you will know the ocean nation is blown How difficult is it to fly Becoming a God by Hall of the King of Hades: Greece has many mountains and little land, they can rob colonies everywhere, the Vikings in Scandinavia can only be pirates to rob colonies Because of the barren land and bad climate, England plundered everywhere because of the lack of arable land and agriculture; The history of every maritime power is simply a history of blood and tears called "do not do every day, and the earth will not work". If we had vast, fertile arable land like China, who would want to be a hellish sea tribe, drive a broken boat, drink stinky fresh water and eat maggot cakes to the other shore thousands of miles away? Wouldn't that be good? ? to live well? Why is it so painful to make yourself suffer like this? Anyway, Japan doesn't care about the honor of "Ocean Nation", they have a dream of seeing a turtle come ashore, they have been doing it for more than two thousand years, and are still doing it now!

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    The Japanese vanguard soldiers watched in bewilderment as the pontoon bridge disappeared into the river, their entire body's strength was instantly drained, they collapsed to the ground panting, not even having the strength to stand up. The commander of the vanguard fell to his knees, his trembling hands dug into the loose soil plowed by artillery shells, and roared into the sky like an animal.

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    The captain was a bit confused: "What does winning the battle have to do with goats?"

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    When the two met, Sophie excitedly told Xue Jianqiang: She registered for another subject!

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    Xue Min said: "A hundred times the profit is a hundred million units. Brother, no wonder people will take advantage of you!"

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    This time, the eldest sister brought all the little devils out and led them straight to Ningxia. You cannot go to Ordos, where the huge forces of three Demon divisions and four or five divisions of the 8th Army are concentrated. Nearly 200,000 troops attack like iron, hundreds of tanks and hundreds of artillery pieces. the tragedy was perhaps worse than on the Eastern Front, she would not be foolish enough to enter a battlefield where the strongest would win and firepower was king. This girl lives on tactics, of course she wants to find a battlefield with enough space to show off her skills, the Ningxia battlefield is also good. According to the information shared by General Fu Zuoyi, the ghosts on this road seem crowded, but after carefully analyzing the symbols, it is not difficult to discover that it actually has some water: part of the the 3rd Panzer Division, part of the 9th Division, and the 4th Cavalry Brigade 1st Regiment, the main force of the 3rd Army of the Puppet Manchukuo, and some miscellaneous troops, totaling up to up to 50,000 to 60,000 people. In fact, it is a close combat animal with poor firepower that can bully the eighth theater. ? Two divisions will blow them away! Okay, this battlefield is ideal, show your skills here!

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    Lin Yufeng frowned into a big pimple. He was originally a squadron leader of the Giao Dong military region, had been fighting guerrillas at sea for several years, had quite a lot of experience, and his combat experience was useless! Fortunately, political commissar Lam has one advantage: he is good at listening to political opinions. His personal command ability is not outstanding. When he encounters a big problem, he will call everyone together for a meeting, any meeting will do. always choose the correct suggestion almost instinctively. , make the right choice. This time we encountered a big problem, so it was still the same: "Let's have a meeting to discuss countermeasures... Three stonemasons are better than one Zhuge Liang, it's better for everyone to think together." The two of us stay here and watch.”

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    It is not difficult to imagine how disappointed Lieutenant General Yokoyama Shizuo was when he received the reply.

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    As if to prove that she was not boasting, four H-5 bombers streaked in the distance and headed straight towards Shizuizi, followed by rumbling explosions and distant thunder, and the sky turned bright red. it is not difficult to imagine how heavily the Japanese army in the direction of Shizuizi was bombed. The national army soldiers present were stunned. After fighting with demons for so long, this was the first time they had seen demons being bombed. It was so strange!