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    The sixth elder was silent for a moment, then looked at him expressionlessly and slowly said: "You don't know how to deal with it?"

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    Dictators like Zhang Liang and Chen Ping were well suited to Liu Ji and could really play their role, but such advisors were unlikely to be useful when they came to Xiang Yu's side.

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    Yun Yi suddenly became irritable in his heart. He was imprisoned by Ao Qing's spatial rules so he couldn't express anything, but he also couldn't break the situation, so he could only hope that the rules What is the ninth, disaster? he will experience today the Final Disaster.

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    This was an unprecedented situation in history. They naturally immediately started the Nine Continents Formation to protect the entire Nine Continents, that's right, because they encountered this unknown change.

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    But for this, the two of them were not at all grateful. On the contrary, during these years, Xiaoyou and Minzhen had reached a consensus that they wanted to kill Yunyi!

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    Luc Trach also had a puzzled look on his face, "No, Hang Vu must have known our army's plan to destroy the bridge. Damn it, who revealed the secret!"

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    Okay. Speaking, Mei Suer took out another Qiankun ring and threw it to Liang Ning: "There are a total of 30 million low-level soul stones in it, and the development of our Kowloon City has only just begun, And in the city where spirit stones are used, there will be a lot of them, you use them first, how can you get more spirit stones later, I have a suggestion."

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    In short, present-day Jiangcheng can be considered one of the largest cities in Jiangdong, and was also the temporary capital of Western Zhou chosen by Xiang Yu and Hao Jiu.

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    But here comes the question, why did he suddenly say these words to me?

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    At least there are no nice people at the front desk.

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    Everyone lost their composure and looked away, no one dared to question Mai To Nhi anymore.

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    After entering the Three Immortal Kingdom, Mei Su'er's own power had improved qualitatively, not to mention the rules of her own destiny.

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    "How do I know this? If you're worried, then increase your luck a little more." Black Dragon said lazily.

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    Once Hang Vu lost eight thousand of Chu's elite cavalry, the battle would be decided, even if Hang Vu had the courage to swim back to Giang Dong, it would be useless.

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    The dragon at Long De Son has been killed by you, this is what you should do. If you become stronger without doing this, I will begin to doubt your character. My own eyes will also be suspicious, if it were me, I think, I would do the same.

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    The Upper Realm Thien Duc City Chamber of Commerce also has an exchange system. Ordinary people can even use money to buy spirit stones, but the price is extremely high, a thousand taels of gold can only be exchanged for one low-grade spirit stone.

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    It didn't matter whether it was after her ascension or before her ascension, Hei Mei had plenty of time to wait for such an opportunity.

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    In half a month, reinforcements from Hebei, Guanzhong, and Qi will arrive in Jiujiang district. A conservative estimate is that the total force could reach 700,000, calling it a million troops is not impossible.

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    After breaking through to Xuan Tien, Dao fruit appeared for the first time.