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    Sir, you can study with me, but to understand the talents of a biome, we first need to understand the talent composition of this biome, that is, understand how this talent operates from the most primitive level, like It is to understand thoroughly why apples can be born on an apple tree, not only seeing clearly on the outside but also going deep inside to understand what kind of subtle change it is. , and it can become like that after many repetitions. Keles gently leaned with both hands on Vuong Han's chest, one face was red, the other explained very clearly, Consider that I gave you an unusually large amount, let you explore the background of this matter." number, if you finally understand that its nature is to accumulate one by one, then how to accumulate it to become like this, this is what we need to understand.

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    But if as you said before, this world has no breath, then no matter how powerful the soul is, it will not have any effect on this world. As for why the World Eater could calmly leave this world, it's also not true. Because they have collected a lot of breath, but because they resonate with Shengmen, there is a connection between Shengmen and Black Fire, moreover, Shengmen helps the World Devourer return... In other words , if the World Devourer is sent into a world, then directly destroys the gate of life, then it is almost impossible to find the original coordinates, there is no gate of life and Breath support, relying only on those weak soul instincts, it simply cannot cause any physical damage to the main world."

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    She could see a spaceship docking in front of her through the window in front of her, this shuttle built entirely for acceleration was the same one that Wang Han used in the previous video, but now Looking at the exterior of the shuttle, that's great too. Man, there are a lot of potholes on the surface of this shuttle. I think this shuttle must have been traveling for a long, long time. Only a long and boring trip would cause such a condition on the surface of this shuttle. spaceship, but no matter what, Isabel Er felt that she had found Vuong Han, so there should be no problem. After that, wanting to enter the planet will require some effort. At least the first thing she must do is register for the right to enter the planet.

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    Forget it, I originally wanted to go back temporarily to teach this talent, but now it's useless to go back, no one can learn this talent. Vuong Han could only sigh, "Then I'll continue." work alone. Go ahead and look for solutions to problems while walking. Regarding searching along the way, if I can know some unique talents, then maybe I can learn more, even if I don't have the ability to improve the soul trap now. Yes, it can be used in the future.”

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    Indeed, as Shen Yueke said, if he did not control this ability, then he would not be able to find such a location. After all, this is a 350,000 year journey, it cannot be by chance. to this area. Otherwise, all my life's luck will be spent in a place like this.

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    Of course, before I actually leave this spaceship, I still have to do something I wanted to do before, which is to reverse the positions of some geniuses, so that I can operate this unique badge. . When the time comes, I will become an existence that cannot be locked, regardless of whether the use is great or not, but the overlap between spear and shield is a must.” What Wang Han will do next has also been mentioned before, reincarnation There are some things about the record coordinates of the talent, which can let the original soul enter Wang Han's soul in the space-time gap. Cultivate the soul, so if you can find him, you will definitely not be able to find him. After carefully studying everything in the fragment, it is obvious that it is possible to condense the ninth emblem. In the end, it still takes time, but this time it takes a relatively short time. Tens of thousands of years ago, the ninth rune directly condensed. Look, this rune is completely composed of broken glass edges, Wang Han Lap narrowed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. I also tried it just now, using my soul to activate the Chaos World talent and at the same time activate the regeneration talent. The regeneration talent cannot be used. In other words, the time and space where my soul lives is difficult to manipulate." The existence of the lock achieved the result I wanted to achieve before, but now 810,000 years have passed, and the original million-year plan was to find out the whole story of this problem. Looking at it now, I've only just started the first step, just the first small problem has directly cost me more than 500,000 years, as expected, time is worthless at this time."

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    ... Vuong Han sat in the corner, this situation was really unexpected, who would have thought that after the small ball of breath disappeared in his soul, the other breaths did not react to him. What, like he saw something. Looking like a dead thing, Wang Han was still thinking very quickly about this situation, but after being confused for a while, he changed his thoughts from another angle, "From what angle There, this little ball of breath I have now has no way to control the movement, but from another angle, I can go deep inside the little ball of light breath to see what's going on. inside that small ball of light breath, right? I Yes? Then, if I could see what was happening inside the small ball of aura light, I could gain a deeper understanding of why Why did this happen?"

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    They were really small and couldn't get any smaller, the feeling that the entire field of vision was filled with this world tree was really hard to calm down for a while. Especially now he could still clearly see the spreading roots of the World Tree, many of which were slowly swaying and having slight vibrations, which even Wang Han could hear. the roar of the World Tree, in addition, there were quite a few roots penetrating this gap.

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    “Ah, why?” Porphyrin immediately did not understand, not to mention there was still an encore presence in the courtyard, this place was still a cathedral.

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    We go to study the gifted race. Keles was also very embarrassed when he said this, "Our elves are a naturally gifted race of elves that is not easy to learn, so even though I have studied for more than a thousand years, I have not even grasped a single feather, which makes people very surprised. Reluctantly, in the name of rest, I went out to relax, not knowing that after returning, I might have some breakthrough insight into the racial talents of our group... If not, once I study three For thousands of years, I have not found any racial talent, so in our group of elves, I have no qualifications to continue learning these things, and I have no way to become a martial artist."

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    As for her, all of this seemed to have just happened an hour or two ago, just a nap in the middle of the afternoon. After waking up, the surrounding environment had completely changed. Vuong Han smiled and looked at her. , the soul was full of energy allowing it to imitate his previous personality, without revealing anything, "No hurry, when they come back to life, I will tell you what the situation is now."

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    In fact, she was quite comfortable, at least Vuong Han asked this question, in other words, now he can only repair his own body, although this is already a very high-class thing, many small things. The talented race group is this, body cultivation, and it is also an average to high-level existence in the spirit group.

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    It seemed that the answer could only be found during long training in the future, at this time, Wang Han also regretted not having a happy chat with Encore.

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    Vuong Han was like that back then. He knew that the small breath ball could achieve this effect, so he finally took the time to do it. Qian Qian is the same now, she knows that this path is predetermined and cannot be walked by chance, it must be regular, so even if she spends more time, she will eventually make it. , or it cannot be done. it, then he will die on the way to leave the human when he first came to Van Co Lake. This is the main reason why Wang Han dared to directly reveal this news to Qian Qian, this is a good girl, if one day he is exhausted, if one day he can only find a beautiful woman beautiful If there is an existence to stay together, then he is very willing and will take the initiative to invite Qian Qian to come along to continue wandering. As for whether that day will come or not, no one knows, but to plan ahead, Vuong Han is willing to give Qianqian a chance to practice her strength, and now is such an opportunity, a challenge that she has never had before. now accept. So much so that if she doesn't have a way to discover the reason behind all of this, she will die! !

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    They were really small and couldn't get any smaller, the feeling that the entire field of vision was filled with this world tree was really hard to calm down for a while. Especially now he could still clearly see the spreading roots of the World Tree, many of which were slowly swaying and having slight vibrations, which even Wang Han could hear. the roar of the World Tree, in addition, there were quite a few roots penetrating this gap.

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    After all, being able to find a giant supporter this year is a huge deal for any individual in any biome. Moreover, this world is indeed very peaceful and stable. Keles won't spend all day researching the troubles of talented people and enjoying life with peace of mind. Is this a very unpleasant thing? At this moment, Keles blushed slightly. His eyes looked at Vuong Han, with a trace of sympathy in his eyes.

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    Furthermore, Vuong Han's understanding of Lita's formation was very limited. If it weren't for Isabelle's appearance, he would probably never have known that such a formation existed in his entire life, and he felt uncomfortable. Have. need more things Discussing with Isabelle on the spaceship, he looked at Isabelle and said in the other person's curious eyes: "For the current situation, my request is very simple. On the way to the Lita formation . , Just use the ship's normal speed and don't use the function that makes me lose time."